14 Things I am Thankful For

thankyouIt’s that time of year again. Time to count our blessings, and after the past few days, I really need the reminder of how much I DO have in my life. Here comes the things I am thankful for in 2013.

  1. My Family. They always love me, even when I am a total PITA.
  2. My Friends. Even the virtual friends always seem to be around when I need them most. Special thanks to Yolanda, El, Teresa, and Lisa for listening to me the past couple of days.
  3. Health, My own and that of those I care for.
  4. Good memories. They get me by when life gets dark and horrid.
  5. Food, water, shelter. Having the basics means a lot. I’ve done without them, so I know more than I’d like to admit about how precious they are.
  6. The men and women in the armed forces. Without them, we’d not be free.
  7. Good Books, Good Movies. Both get me through rough times and boredom
  8. The Interwebs. Without it, I’d be pretty much friendless.
  9. The ability to learn. Makes life more interesting when I find something new to me.
  10. Cell Phones. Keeps me in touch with those that matter.
  11. The Loving from a Distance Website. It’s helped keep me sane this past year plus.
  12. Music. It helps me cope with the ups and downs of life.
  13. Snuggly Blankets. They help keep the long nights from feeling quite so lonely.
  14. Nature. The beauty of nature and the vastness of all it gives is amazing.
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Fitness Fads of the Year

mud1. Mud Runs and obstacle courses- I haven’t personally done any of these but they are popping up everywhere! I normally run a marathon as that doesn’t require any stregnth. These mud runs and kind of intimidating. Besides, who wants to get muddy AND sweaty while working out?

2. Crossfit- This popular exercise is a 30-40 minute class that you can do 3 times a week. It’s a totally different workout each time and the results are impressive. I went a couple times and I was so sore the rest of the week it hurt. But my friend Jane always posts pictures of herself with her stomach showing and she is ripped (so are the hot guys with 6 packs in the photos with her). There are definitely hot guys there, I would recommend trying this. If it’s your cup of tea then its an awesome way to get in shape quickly and effectively.

3. Spin Classes- Riding a stationary bike with built in climbs and sprints. Going to one of these classes is really fun and the atmosphere is great.


4. Pound - These classes are a fusion of isometrics, Pilates, pylometrics and cardio movements. They will kick your butt real hard.

5. Dance Fusion- This spin off of Zumba (which is still popular) is an intense workout that is based on dance moves. Think of it as just dance (the video game my boyfriend plays on his Xbox), its basically a game where you have to mimic the dance moves. Very fun and you get to burn tons of calories at the same time.

There are tons of things you can do to keep in shape. The most important thing is doing something as opposed to sitting around on your butt. You gotta look good to feel good. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant, so get on a routine. I just showed you 5 different routines that all look fun. I’m sure one is your type of exercise.

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Ultimate Review on Motion in Even

Im not going to proclaim to be something of a BT professional. I sporadically appreciated a amount of his tunes from the 90s, was ready to proclaim him an extraordinary producer soon after listening to Fibonacci Sequence on Sashas GU: thirteen blend compilation, then was mightily disappointed in the album Motion In Even now Existence. It sounded like an overcooked endeavor at electronica, totally three several years way too late to be related head, it possibly didnt help I was uncovered to the busted American model possibly.

None of Mr. Transeaus output fascinated me given that that time (properly, aside from the perverse curiosity of what an NSync collaboration would audio like it sucked). Evidently Ive missed out on some dizzying highs (This Binary Universe) and dilapidated lows (Emotional Technologies), which Im positive would have an effect on my feelings on this most recent album to some degree. I had a very difficult work out this morning. Combined with my Paleo diet, I am beat up! My favorite thing to do is pull ups on my free standing bar because it makes me feel stronger. I am always so sore the next day after doing a hundred pullups. As it stands, nevertheless, perhaps likely into These Hopeful Devices without having listening to individuals could be a gain, as I wont be weighed down by people expectations, excellent and bad.

Actually, thats not fully truthful. Theres previously some expectation here, most of which derived from pre-launch buzz, and a excellent deal of which was instead sketchy. Term experienced it that BT was likely the pop route once again, and taking into consideration his previous foray down that road – Psychological Technological innovation – has been hailed as his worst album, a number of individuals were leery about how this a single was likely to switch out. Well, pop is indeed what we get listed here, a lot more than youre likely to ever want.

Seem, Ive obtained small issue with much of pop tunes, regardless of whether its bonafide classics (The Beatles, Abba, The Law enforcement, and so forth.) or tacky dance (two Unrestricted, Snap!, just about any early-90s euro dance genuinely) a good tunes a excellent tune. And BT does know how to compose a very good tune. There are hundreds of catchy choruses on this album – Out of the blue, The Gentle Of Things, and The Unbreakable all get lodged in my noggin, this sort of that Ive no problem falling sway to, in addition pleasant nuggets of music scattered through the relaxation of equally CDs. The trouble is BT fills his tunes with so a lot of gratuitous, pointless outcomes and wayward tangents, it dilutes and ruins any allure the hooks have. The word restraint seems to be a completely alien construct to Mr. Transeau.


Lets put it an additional way. Generally, someone would publish a sentence as a result: The sky is blue. Now, heres the way BT would compose it.

The- let me pause for a instant, as I want to present to you a concept of the cosmic significance of the word the, as it relates to the amount pi.

A few paragraphs afterwards.

Anyhow, the firmament over, exactly where the heavens so grand exist over and above a fragile veil of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide (every single atmospheric factor is listed at this stage) contains a deep azure melding with various shades of cerulean, aquamarine, and blue, which is a shade I really like, you really like, and we all must love, like a dove, for love is the grandest of loving feelings, a feeling of pure psychological nurturing sentiment, this really like we enjoy.

Thats what its like to pay attention to this album. It grows so cumbersome that whenever an consequences-laden solo emerges, I completely tune out until it finishes. I basically dont care.

One more point that struck me is how BT appears to be playing capture-up with modern club music, like rounding up normal trance vocalists like sheldon who is so funny, Proper? Brieden. Probably most shocking is The Crisis, a collaboration with Anjunabeats regular Growth Jinx. It characteristics aspect-chaining, thunk-clap rhythms, and very little position past attempting to suit in with the current era of mau5 clones. In other places, The Rose Of Jericho design-bites aged-faculty McProg beats and plinky-plonk hooks, turning in a track that operates at the peaks but pointlessly piddles about to get there (Le Nocturne De Lumiere suffers for significantly of the very same reason). The Light-weight Of Issues, probably one of the minimum offensive tracks in the overwrought-consequences office, is fundamentally your standard vocal trance outing – although I should confess its fairly good compared to many other dismal tries of the very same variety theres enjoyable power to be had right here (the truth its a collaboration with Laurent Vronnez of Airwave fame probably will help). Sick also add The Unbreakable functions in this regard as effectively, although anytime I picture the scene in which its very likely to be played at – super lasers and smug superstar DJs urging a ravenous group to enthusiastically hop in 1 location with a fist in the air – I get a chilly chill down the back again of my neck for some reason. Its a extremely obvious, manipulative, calculated anthem, that one.

Theres also a bunch of rocktronica tunes and downtempo times, most of which are quite by-product of the sound (Each and every Other Way? Meh, needlessly extended). Aside from All of a sudden (one particular of the number of tunes that operates presented you first edit out the outcomes wonk that bookends the keep track of), the only a single that stood out for me was the closing monitor, The Ghost In You, for the simple explanation that its one particular of the most restrained tunes on the total album. Even though I was first listening to These Hopeful Equipment, a couldnt aid but surprise what a BT track would audio like if he stripped absent all the production trickery and merely played acoustically. Well, I received my solution listed here and in spite of getting a go over of 80s band The Psychedelic Furs, it still arrives off as generic as many BT tunes goes these times, specifically for a singer-songwriter ballad.

Ive no question there will be loads of new supporters loving this album, as it looks to be primarily geared toward a fresher crop of celebration youngsters who arent much aware of BTs 90s output but are dazzled by superfluous specific-consequences (or those who just enjoy unoriginal radio-all set melodies). If such is the situation, so be it. I may possibly toss Abruptly and The Gentle Of Factors on as a responsible pleasure on celebration but the relaxation of These Hopeful Machines is very forgettable. Ill adhere to the 90s BT, thank you quite considerably. He at least had a far better grasp of the phrase restraint back then.

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The Secret of Treatments That Work

vyvanse and adderall issueThe much more male concentrated on the 3rd dimension, the much more separated he became from his, until now, involuntary acknowledgement and awareness of the other dimensions, which must be explored additional. In the stop, he came to love the bodily world, and he lived only for the issues it could give him. Most of these things consisted of tangible objects that could be taken absent from him, creating greed, lust for electrical power, getting for oneself at anothers cost, and tyranny. It is here that continual tension symptoms came into existence, for they are triggers of the difference between adderall and vyvanse. Tension comes from constant needs. These end result from the unbalanced adoration mankind ha s for the 3rd dimension.

Its only all-natural, of program, thats Strivectins companies would be making statements about its effectiveness. In that theyre no distinct from the makers of the hundreds of other anti growing older skin treatment products on the market. But what do individuals who have actually employed Strivectin to say about it? Does it provide much better final results than retinol or even Botox? A checklist of the elements in Strivectin is a clear indication that its makers want it to offer each achievable anti aging benefit to its consumers. In addition to PalKTTS detailed on its label as palmitoyl pentapeptide3, Strivectin consists of components like supermoisturizer hyaluronic acid, the wonderful pores and skin tightener acetyl hexapeptide3, and the antioxidant prosperous herbal extract phyllanthus emblica which corrects skin tone and fights the effects of UV exposure.

The Matrixyl in Dermajuvs Unique Smoothing Cream, the initial product youll apply, will penetrate deep into the skins levels in which it will in fact interact with the DNA of your pores and skin cells, restoring it so that when the cells replicate, they will produce healthier new tissue. Youll adhere to Dermajuvs unique smoothing cream with programs of its InstantEffect Lifting Serum, which contains each Matrixyl and a by-product of sesame oil, SesaFlash. SesaFlash has a molecular composition with this sort of stunning hydrating houses that in five minutes of making use of The InstantEffect Lifting Serum, youll see your skin tighten and your wrinkles smoothed absent. Due to the fact it is these kinds of an excellent moisturizer, SesaFlash can firm your pores and skin with no producing it truly feel uncomfortably dry.

Just read through the labels and all the evaluations and youll quickly see why these anti ageing wrinkle cream reviews listed here are the kinds to go for and try them out for oneself. Soon after all, you can get free trials and see the immediate and quick benefits in the mirror just before committing to any 1. So consider them out and be shocked and pleasantly so, at the immediate benefits. No a lot more need to have to wait around, you can now get final results today with a maximum rated anti wrinkle product you are contemplating of trying out. They have excellent surgery centers located in San Francisco.When researching on the internet, its very good to be goal and look at all these factors to make sure that you are acquiring the best wrinkle cream. After all, you dont want to waste time and income on items that dont provide the outcomes. You want the kinds that do function. Just study the labels and all the evaluations and youll rapidly see why these anti aging wrinkle cream reviews here are the ones to go for and try out them out for by yourself. Soon after all, you can get free of charge trials and see the quick and fast results in the mirror before committing to any one. So try them out and be stunned and pleasantly so, at the quick final results. No much more need to wait, you can now get outcomes today with a highest rated anti wrinkle cream.

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Painting My Room

table saw REVIEWS

It’s a fact that a fresh coat of paint in an otherwise dull space can do wonders for its appearance, and also enhance just how furniture, window dressings, and other things look in the room. Since it is a reasonably straightforward job, applying interior paint is something that many property owners choose to do themselves. However, as with any type of DO-IT-YOURSELF activity, the difference in cost between doing the job yourself and the professional painting rate is going to be the choosing element in who does the work.

Professional Painting Costs

Experts base their prices on lots of different factors, such as: space dimension, quantity of trim to be painted, how much preparation the surfaces will certainly require prior to painting, just how lots of furniture need to be moved, covered or worked around, the kind and quality of paint, just how numerous coats of paint, or possibly primer, it would take to change a paint color, etc. A lot of choose to look at a project prior to giving a firm bid.

Typically the very best way to buy home improvements is to have about 3 different specialists come look at your project, and provide you created estimations featuring the scope of work to be done and the certain products to be made use of. This is the most reliable method to research your project, figure out how to tackle it, exactly how a lot the project will certainly cost, and which professional you prefer to choose.

There are many benefits to employing an expert team for this job, even though most of us aren’t total novices when it pertains to managing a roller or brush. First, it is plausible that a professional crew will certainly do the job better than your average property owner. In addition to having a bigger amount of people working on the project, expert painters have the experience and equipment to buy the job done quickly, effectively, and with incredible results.

DIY Interior Painting vs. Specialist Interior Painting

They will additionally understand color scheme and paint application that might indicate the difference between a job that’s just average and a room where the shade is rich, pure, and appealing. You may also want to do the trim for your baseboards so they look all nice when they are completed. I went here and checked out which Table Saw we Reviewed would be the best at trimming baseboards.

Do It Yourself Painting Costs

If you want to do the job yourself anyhow, there are a couple things to consider as far as rate goes. The best results stem from using the very best tools, and it is likely that you will certainly be able to purchase or rent much of the exact same equipment that a professional crew would make use of here WWW.ULTIMATEPOWERTOOLSHQ.COM/TABLE-SAW-REVIEWS/ . Even, it is a great idea to do some research on the shades, ranges, and brand names of paint that will work best for your situation.

While some paints might need numerous coats to look their best, and some shades may require a primer coat, additional options might cost a little more initially, however look great after only a single coat. Concerns of sturdiness are even a concern. When you add up the expense of equipment rental, the time it takes to prepare the space and the area for painting, the time it takes to analysis and choose the proper paint for the job, and, of course, the amount of time and energy it will take to in fact apply the paint, the expert painting rate might seem a little more reasonable.

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M&M Cookies

Hey everyone! I just tried out this cookie recipe I found online. The girl in this video has a super face Italian / guido accent which is actually funny, but her recipe is actually bomb.com. I love making things from scratch, so anything I bake is never premade. My friend Jeremy is a big fan of M&M cookies so I’m going to surprise him with a fresh batch tonight. Check out the video below:



If you do make these cookies, please use the brown sugar. Making these without brown sugar is a sin and they won’t taste as good as they should. Also use a baking trey to cool them off or else they won’t taste as good. Check out the picture of my cookies to the left

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Picking the Right Hairstyle

Hey girls!

I ran across this funny pic about picking the right hairstyle. This is really funny but I find it somewhat true. They got my first date hairstyle down!

The Right Hairstyle for Every Event

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
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Top Things to do in New York

nycHey girls! I just got back from my weekend getaway in New York City and I had a blast. I went to New York with my besties Sara and Becka. Good food, good drinks, good girls and overall great fun. I’m going to list out the best of my trip below.


  • The Dutch

This is a cute trendy restaurant in Soho. Our group ordered the little oyster sandwiches, lamb-neck mole and the rabbit potpie. They were all really good, I was surprised that rabbit potpie is actually delicious

  • Parm

This is a cute little Italian restaurant also located in Soho. Order the garlic bread “deluxe”. Yes deluxe. It is some of the best garlic bread that I have eaten in a long time. Try the chicken Parmesan, its a regular on the menu and it’s a local favorite.

  • Salinas

Are you a fan of Spanish Tapas? I sure am. This restaurant is located in the Chelsea neighborhood. I had the mixed seafood “frito” which was in my opinion, the best thing on the menu. It’s tossed with steamed clamps, fennel, peppers, potato and spicy aioli, which makes it really delicious.


  • Sugarland

We went out to the Sullivan Room which is in Greenwich Village. I love rocking out to some good house and we partied here until the sun came up. This is an unmarked club, its kind of underground but if you want to skip the bullshit of regular clubs and just dance then I would recommend heading over to here.

  • Bembe

This is a cool dance club that sports all kind of music. We went here on Saturday. We chill-axed to salsa, samba and reggae-ton. As the night wore on the DJ started mixing in some old school hip-hop. They have really cool coconuts drinks that come in real coconuts too so you can hydrate.

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